Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Syllabus for B. Ed. TESL Sem 1

  1. TSL3101 Introduction to Linguistic 3(3+0) - Mr. Henry Mansing
  2. TSL3102 Literature In English 3(3+0) - Mr. John Roy Chacko
  3. EDU3101 Philosophy & Education In Malaysia 3(3+0) - Mr. Chanthirasekar A/L Karpan
  4. EDU3102 Child Development 3(3+0) - Miss Hajah Zainab Nawab Khan
  5. WAJ3101 Tamadun Islam & Asia (TITAS) 2(2+0) - Mr. Misri bin Bohari
  6. WAJ3115 Bahasa Melayu Komunitatif 2(2+0) - Mr. Bahaman bin Hj. Ismail
  7. WAJ3108 Co-Curriculum Management 1(1+0)
Enjoy your first semester of degree... cheers ^_^

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  1. Hello to all PISMP students in IPG Keningau...I am also a student in IPG Tawau under PPG TESL (2011-2015)... Just want to make friends in the same course (TESL), may be we can exchange information and materials on assignments & examination through out the email, or care to join our FB Ppg Tesl Ipg Tawau. Tq.


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