Friday, April 30, 2010


Yeah! That's right ladies and gentlemen! Our beloved institute, IPG Kampus Kenignau had finally reached its dearly age of 25: The SILVER JUBILEE, the title signified a very important yet memorable celebration since it was being celebrated once. The whole staff of IPG Kampus Keningau put their hands together to bring up this celebration to a success and the most significant one. We were celebrating it the whole week from 19 April till 23 April 2010.

Lots and lots of activities had been introduced in this week: Gerai IPG Kampus Keningau, Kids Drawing Competition, Forum, Telematch Competition between Lecturers and Students, Blood Donation Program, Musical Night and etc. There were more wit events organised. Here are some photos taken throughout the SILVER JUBILEE's week:

Blood Donation by BBSM IPG Kampus Keningau and Hospital Keningau

Chicks from our class during the Musical Night

Orchestra performance

The activity that was organised by our class: 
Fill in the bottle with water by only your hands

Suk Ching, Yoha and Tiffany from our class also took part in the event

Prepared by,
Geoffrey Lim

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