Monday, March 22, 2010

COMMENTS FROM THE HEAD OF COMMITEE's up...YES! The TESL blog (after month of uncertainties) is seeing the light of day... this is a much awaited tool which seems inexplicably to have vanished since Mr. John talked about it last semester. We had our loads of ups and downs; hence, we could not keep this project up and alive due to other obligations.

I would like to thank my fellow course mates for their priceless contributions and cherished time in making this much-awaited blog a reality. it has been an arduos and pain-staking voyage but indeed a rewarding one thus far. TESL is an acronym for The Teaching of English as a Second Language. Being the pioneer TESLIANS in IPG Kampus Keningau has its advantages as well as its own drawbacks. Often expectations are sky high, which at times draws us to the point of suicidal! hahaha.... Life in IP! We are fervently reminded not to let go our goals get away from us!

Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing, the President of LimKokWing University of Creative Technology, remarked that if Malaysia were to achieve full developed country status and be among the world's most advanced, then we must work to become truly innovative nation. At the cutting edge of this shift is the creative sector of economy - science and technology, digital and media innovation and knowledge-based professions.

This is a future that lies hidden in the minds of todays' generation. In the years to come as more and more nations embrace innovations to build their advantage, the world will change and our lives will be transformed. It is hoped that if TESLIANS in Kmapus Keningau can visualise such a future, we must now make our preparations. Blogs are wondeful tools to help bloggers establish themselves as experts in a field or topic. Blogginf brings like-minded together.

You have something to say - this blog provides a place to say it and be heard.

    Geoffrey Lim Fu Chien,
    Head of Blog Committee,
    PISMP Foundation TESL,
    IPG Kampus Keningau.

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