Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Characteristics TESLIANS possess:

1. Melanie Jerry @ Mel = Class monitor in Semester 1,(July-Nov 2009). A good leader and was very responsible with all the tasks given to her. Cute and chubby, often smiles a lot. We call her “the Chipmunk”…. (No offence, ya)

2. Nur Hazwani @ Wani = The sole soul from Peninsular Malaysia (the one and  one….). A cool head and a very sporting girl in reality. Her gift of gab.......she loves cooking!

3. Esther Imelda @ Esther = A local and as a matter of fact, she is a talented actress as seen in her portrayal in the pantomime “Lamb to the Slaughter”. Has a good sense of humour.

4. Dayang Syafiqah @ Dadang = A soulmate of Esther's. She talks less but she is a very creative person. Also hardworking and strives for the best in her studies.

5. Tiffany Wilfred @ Tiff = A good singer, judging from her song entitled “Always be My Baby” during English Week 2009. Also hardworking and a sensitive person.

6. Francesca @ Frans = A funny girl and her actions are at times, unexpected. Also quiet in class (“silent-silent potato full”). Have to admit that she has the look of an Indonesian actress.

7. Yohanieca Joseph @ Yoha = Tall, pretty and leggy. She is kind- hearted and possess inner beauty. Helpful and willing to lend a helping hand to all.

8. Kong Suk Ching @ Kong = Assistant to Mel last semester.  Smart girl (our Einstein in class). An open-minded girl; she has a good sense of humor.

9. Nurfathiah @ Montel = She has a heart for cats. A cute and sporting girl; has an incurable addiction to Korean dramas.

10. Jicika Johanes @ Jess = Open minded in everything. The best thing about her is that she  willingly offers herself in any class activities. Besides, she has good vocal and croons well.

11. McElley Lorience @ Elley = The oldest of Mr Joseph's tutee. Deep in thought before she makes any decisions. Looks serious at times, but she still acts childishly innocent as far as facebooking is concerned.

12. Aileen Mujan @ Aileen = A smart girl (our Newton in class). Versatile and skillfully good in multi-tasking. Whenever we need help either in studies or laptop-related problems, she is the one we turn to. Moreover, she is a good writer.

13. Ahmad Razky @ Raz = Presenting our Semester 2 class monitor (Jan-June 2010). An easy going and jovial guy; someone whom we can easily talk to and always agreeable to undertake new ideas. Thinks wisely.

14. Yip Jun Seng @ Ah Seng = Nothing to say about him. But his favorite computer game is Ragnarok Online; Teo Hock Bing' partner in crime.

15. Teo Hock Bing @ Teo = Awfully funny as his actions often triggers laughter in class. Is the tallest bloke in the class. A little aloof and remote at times. A DOTA wizard.

16. Geoffrey Lim Fu Chien @ Geo = Loves to play Chinese songs in his laptop. Talented in playing an ancient Chinese musical instrument called “er hu”. A pro-active guy.

17. Siti Haziah @ Siti = The assistant monitor (Jan-June 2010). Has a good sense of humor (love to laugh a lot) and able to liven people around her. A dedicated leader and provides helpful advices and tips. Is cute and well-liked; indeed a good roommate.

18. Maziziana David @ Zizi = Pretty and has the look of a model. A good orator and listener too. Also a responsible and an honest person. Possesses the qualities of a good teacher. Makes a good friend.

19. Geviana Gladysha @ Gee = The Assistant Editor. A cute person too. A helpful member who contributed many creative ideas towards the blog. She loves to make jokes and able to make people around her laugh. A good friend and always want to try out new stuffs.

20. Jenny Lu Chen Fei @ Jenny = She is the Editor of the blog. A responsible character and able to finish all the tasks given to her promptly. She is also a good speaker and loves to help her friends. She is always there for her friends and loves to smile. 

And there it goes... the little bits that we want to share about the TESLIANs in IPG Keningau Kampus. If it has caused hurt, humiliation and pain to those concerned, 'halalkan'.

Jenny Lu & Geviana Gladysha,
Editors of Blog,
PISMP Foundation TESL,
IPG Kampus Keningau.

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