Monday, January 18, 2010


Everybody suffers; but nobody cares. I feel that I am a trustworthy person. This makes me who I am today. I bring this attitude with me wherever I go. I believe that this is the character that is shown through me and the fact that I always put hopes. These values are the colours that shape my life. Thank you class!!!
I never thought that I would be the class monitor for this semester. But, life must go on and I have got no choice since it was the decision made by the class. Mel said, “Razky, I know you can do it.” Oh, I have to bear with this for the next 5 months. "Siti, and the other committee members, I really need your help!" Hopefully, I will enjoy being a class monitor and gain some experiences.
New year is a new chapter, I have to change everything including the way of my life. According to our course coordinator, Mr. John Roy Chacko, there will be a lot of activities for this semester, namely mock exam, language camp and assignments. Not forgetting our upcoming blog, newsletter and mini library. Haaa… I have to take a deep breath. Unfortunately, one of the most important agenda has been deferred due to economic and budget problems. Oh-My-Jimmy Choo!!! 
I hope that all my classmates will give me the best co-operation, teamwork, and support. As the saying goes, ‘We may have come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now ’. Apart from  that, ‘Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on co-operation, not intimidation. ’ To the blog team, do your best and success shall come on your way. 
Give me ‘T’- Give me ‘E’- Give me ‘S’- Give me ‘L’. I am sure that TESL will work together and move forward, step by step together. No one will be left behind because we are a team. As a team, we win together and lose together. No matter how hard is the obstacle, we will face it together.

That’s all.

    Ahmad Razki b. Sedi,
    Class Monitor Sem 2,
    PISMP Foundation TESL,
    IPG Kampus Keningau.

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